Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our smallest member

As I was feeding Teagan this morning, I thought I would share some of what we feed her.

I try not to rely on baby food, none of my kids were huge baby food eaters, but we do use some of the pureed fruits and veggies since they are easy and smooth.

Teagan is nearly eight months old and has begun enjoying a variety of foods. Every day she eats yogurt. It is whole milk, vanilla yogurt we get from the farm so it is also organic and antibiotic free. She loves the yogurt and it is so good for her belly. It also helps fend off any diaper rashes caused by yeast. Sometimes we smush a banana in the yogurt or we add in a pureed fruit such as apples or pears. This is either breakfast or lunch everyday.

Teagan also LOVES egg yolks (no whites until a year). We get her the farm eggs since the chickens are free ranged so the eggs are higher in good fats that help brain development. We scramble two egg yolks (farm egg yolks are almost orange) in a little of the cream that rises to the top of our milk bottles or a dab of butter, again these are good for growth and brain development.

Teagan also loves avocados! She will often eat a half an avocado for lunch with some dry cereal or puffs, or she will eat it with some oatmeal. We have some of the baby oatmeal, but we are transitioning her to steel cut oats since they have more protein and are a whole grain. Now that she tries to chew food, she is able to eat a lot more. She enjoys spaghetti squash with just a bit of butter, and she is slowly adding new things every day.

This is such a great time of exploration! We try to feed her the healthiest and most diverse foods possible so that she has a good palette and eats well like our other kids. I must admit, however, that she is a total puff junkie and I need to find something to replace them in her diet, they are really just poofy flavored carbs :)