Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes we still eat

I just haven't had a lot of time to post!

Recent new recipes include cinnamon rolls that are to DIE for and hamburger rolls.

But this morning I took a staple of ours, Steel Cut Oats, to a whole new mistake.

I put the oats in the crockpot last night on high, but then got tired and turned them down too early. When the baby was up at 6:30 I came to check the oats and they were still undercooked, cranked them to high and went back upstairs. When the other kids got up, the oats were cooked but still a little loose, so I added in a jar of my home canned apple slices, a bunch of cinnamon, some pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar. We eat our oats with a little milk on top, and I swear this tasted just like apple pie a'la mode! It was so yummy, the kids and hubby gobbled it all up! The best part is the oats are organic (and super cheap), the apples are picked and canned by me and everything that is in the oatmeal with the exception of the milk is ok for Teagan to eat too. Gotta love the oats!

The hubster requested meatball subs for dinner, so I need to make meatballs this morning so they can simmer all day and I will use my hamburger roll recipe to make whole wheat hoagies for the subs. The extra dough will be made into whole wheat cinnamon rolls because we will eat them for Sunday breakfast.